The 2022 edition of the Reading for Pleasure workshops have begun at the AFC in Dschang

For the fourth consecutive year, Muna Kalati’s team is deploying on the field to provide children with edutainment moments through the reading for pleasure workshops.  All these children are supervised by devoted monitors, experienced in the art of entertainment and youth animation.

A brand new edition in two phases

In view of the growing demand, the organizers of the activity namely Alliance Franco-camerounaise of Dschang and Muna Kalati, have decided to organize the event in two phases. The first one has already started and will last until August 05, 2022. The second phase will take place from August 8 to 31 in the premises of the Alliance Franco-Camerounaise of Dschang. For this first phase alone, more than 30 children are vibrating to the rhythm of diversified activities. They are in a favorable environment and can therefore benefit from exceptional moments. After the routine of the past school year, they will literally rediscover themselves through activities tailored to them. 

An awareness activity to build learner confidence

For the first day of activities, the children were invited to introduce themselves.  Indeed, it was a way of getting them on truck. Although there were some former participants, the present edition gives to notice a preponderance of new ones who will take more time to assimilate. The fact that each child had to introduce themself and execute dance steps, under the ovations of their friends, allowed them to get out of their comfort zones and to especially build up their confidence.

Diversified activities

Concerned about diversifying the training of learners, with regard to the varied age range of learners, the organizers decided this year to continue with past activities and add them up with others to reinforce the knowledge of the young learners. As usual, there is a grouping in terms of age range into children, and young adults. The educational content is therefore transmitted according to age range.   As for the activities, apart from the workshops that usually fall under the concept of reading for pleasure (animation with nursery rhymes, drawing and coloring, dance, decoration, writing, reading, gastronomy and leisure), the children will now benefit from French and especially English language classes. 

Strengthening bilingual training through the inclusion of the English language

Given the current context, the added value of this year is undoubtedly the integration of the English language in the workshops. Knowing that bilingual people have an advantage today in the context of socio-professional integration, it has proved important to emphasize the learning of English language from a young age. It also allows a certain opening to a wider world and especially to respond favorably to the context in which they find themselves. 

In view of all this, we can already appreciate the hard work of the monitors who spare no effort for the effective running of these activities, which are beneficial for the future of the children. For parents who did not have the opportunity to register their children for this first phase, it is not too late as there will be a second phase.

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