Saving Lives through Listening: A Review of “ The Voices of Children”

About the book

The children’s book The Voices of Children is written by Child Helphine International (CHI) and published by Free kids Book. It aims at sharing research, data, knowledge and experiences to enhance the quality of response to children and people in need of protection, support and guidance as well as to advocate for their rights.

 This book is provided for children to learn about CHI and how it can help. It informs readers about how talking to someone can be of help and how CHI assists children. The book also demonstrates how CHI  uses its activities like the call centers to ensure they act in the best interests of children and work to protect their rights everywhere in the world.

Every problem has a solution

The message behind this book for all children out there is that help is only a phone call away. No problem is too big or too small; there is always someone willing to listen. For victims, the message is also to remember, it is not your fault and no abuse is acceptable, ever, there is help available.

Violence is never a solution

The book highlights the importance of treating every problem within its right contexts and admonishes parents and caregivers not to resort to violence as the first call for action but rather, to take necessary steps in listening to what their children have to say. It also teaches children to desist from using violence as a means of retaliation. 

Saving lives through listening

This book is composed of real de-identified stories from Child Helpline International call centres. They are retold in the hope of helping other children out there who may have issues, small or big, from those who are overwhelmed with exams or anxiety over a cell phone, to those exposed to sexual or physical abuse and suicidal thoughts. As a child it’s important to know that there is someone willing to listen and that in nearly every country worldwide. Child Helpline International help is only a phone call away. Let us read this young children book so as to learn this:

“Every child has a voice. We believe that no child should be left unheard”, said Child Helpline International 

The Voices of Children was reviewed by Boniface Dansou

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