Baby Bubble or The Importance of a Baby’s First Words

Baby Babble is the result of a fruitful collaboration between writer Katherine Graham, illustrator Nicola Anne Smith, editor Nicola Rijsdijk and designer Sarah Slater. The picture on the front cover of this comic reveals the good mood of a baby.

A happy baby

The green background colour of this front cover takes the reader on a journey into the world of imagination.  In the centre of the sheet we see a yellow bubble that symbolizes joy. This joy is embodied by a baby with raised hands and a radiant smile. The names of the authors at the bottom of the bubble add a graphic element to this scrupulous arrangement of illustrations. What could be the reason for this joy?

Thirteen photos of pure happiness

Let us specify that this book is summarized in thirteen photos with texts. As the title indicates, the baby who splashes around spends the day eating and playing with her plush. She is happy in the company of her pacifier. Then comes the time for her to be cleaned up, she is bathed (twelfth photo) then to sleeping after having spent the day babbling. This is how we count several expressions of joy and happiness coming from the baby following her daily activities.

This comic goes back to the daily life of babies, from sunrise to sunset.

The particularity of this comic, like all the others, is the easy access to the story told. It is not only told through texts but also understood through the pictures. We propose a book that can be read and looked at at the same time by the readers.

Beyond the text

In a nutshell, comics are very interesting to children since they make them feel loved, appreciated and safe, especially when they are with their parents. As they grow up, children will feel good about themselves and confident. This promotes the development of their social skills.

If we try to go deep into the interpretation of this comic, we can deduce that the fact of babbling is very important in the growth of the child. This growth depends on the treatment of the people who take care of the baby. Talking or learning to talk is therefore a crucial stage in life and above all because it is language that participates in the autonomy of a child. Hence the joy of the child on the front cover.

Bantio Flaure Livine

About the Author

Christian Elongue

Christian Elongué is the author of “Introduction to Children Literature in Cameroon” (2019) and researcher on children and young adult literature. Dismayed by a lack of black characters in books available to African children, Elongué founded Muna Kalati in 2017 with the goal of building international recognition for African children’s book authors and increasing access to African children literature. Muna Kalati, was founded at a time when African children’s books were poorly promoted, and African authors and illustrators were virtually unknown. In 2018, they started publishing Muna Kalati magazine, which is becoming a reference for writers, publishers and illustrators of children's and Young Adult books, as well as librarians, teachers, editors and parents. Lifelong learner, he holds a postgraduate certificate on children literature (University of Liège, France) and 3 master’s degree

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