Muna Kalati and Ghana Book Development Council discuss collaboration to promote reading and literacy in Ghana

Muna Kalati (MK), represented by Mr. Christian Elongué (Executive Director ), Mr. Nana Addo (Programs Coordinator), and Mr. Judicaël Kouassi (Communications Officer), met with a delegation of Ghana Book Development Council (GBDC) led by Ms. Mavis Asante, the Distribution Services Manager, on March 1, 2023, to discuss opportunities for collaboration in promoting reading and literacy in Ghana. The meeting was held at the Council’s headquarters in Accra and was attended by both parties.


During the meeting, Ms. Mavis Asante welcomed Muna Kalati and expressed her appreciation for its interest in collaborating with GBDC. She then gave an overview of the Council’s role in promoting the publishing industry in Ghana and its efforts to encourage a reading culture in the country.

Muna Kalati expressed its admiration for the Council’s work and shared its company’s interest in partnering with the Council to support its efforts. Mr. Christian Elongué highlighted the need for creating a database of all the children’s book actors in Ghana and the importance of promoting a reading culture in the country.

The two parties then discussed potential areas of collaboration, including promoting indigenous language publishing, supporting local authors, collecting a database of children’s book actors, and developing reading programs for children. They agreed to explore these opportunities further and to schedule follow-up meetings to discuss specific initiatives.


The meeting between Muna Kalati and Ghana Book Development Council was productive and highlighted the shared goal of promoting reading and literacy in Ghana. Both parties expressed their interest in working together and exploring opportunities for collaboration.

This meeting is a positive step towards promoting the children book’s industry in Ghana and encouraging a reading culture in the country. With the collaboration between Muna Kalati and Ghana Book Development Council, there is potential for increased investment in the publishing industry, support for local authors, and the development of reading programs for children. The partnership between these two entities could pave the way for other collaborations within the industry, leading to a stronger and more vibrant publishing industry in Ghana.

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