BOOK REVIEW – JOANNA’S GRANNIES Reviewed  by  Boniface Dansou

When a child needs to learn something in particular, he observes what adults do and emulates them.

👉About the book

« Joanna’s Grannies » is a children’s book about Joanna and her two grandmothers. It is illustrated by Richard Bolland, written by Dawn Garisch, designed by Janet Campbell and edited by Kelly Norwood-Young with the help of the Book Dash participants in Cape Town, South Africa on 14 May 2022.This book is especially for 2 – 6 year old children.

The illustrations in the book are very practical and easy to understand. They show Joanna’s two grannies (grandmothers) performing many activities. The actions which emerge as a result of those activities are immediately repeated by Joanna, the little girl. The most important lessons Joanna learns as a result of being with her grandmothers is how to love and get along well with others. As noted from the story, both of her grandmothers love her a lot and get along well with each other. They take tea together sitting on the same sofa. By the end of the story, Joana had grown to appreciate diversity and was able to say; « There’s a bit of each granny in me « .

👉“In seeking to learn new, unfamiliar skills, children prefer to imitate adults.”

When it comes to actions that children are already familiar with, such as clapping or waving, they are most likely to imitate their peers. The principle of similarity is important here, since it is the social aspect of imitation that plays the major role in this context. Children imitate their peers because they want to communicate nonverbally and achieve a sense of belonging and closeness.

Let’s download this book to aid in the development of our  kids’ cognitive, emotional, creative, physical and social skills as they read.

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