Muna Kalati and APIDCA: for an increase in the promotion of African children’s literature

On June 10, 2022, Muna Kalati and APIDCA (Association des Professionnels de l’Information Documentaire du Cameroun pour l’Afrique) have concretized, through the signature of a memorandum of partnership, their desire to collaborate on certain well-determined aspects in Cité du Savoir. In view of the similarities in their projects and actions, they have decided to cooperate on the following aspects.

  •  Communication  

From now on, each structure will be able to communicate about the upcoming activities of its counterpart, particularly in relation to the common interests of each party. This strategy will increase the visibility of their actions online and on the field at the national and international levels.  For better practice, each party will inform its counterpart of the organization of an activity at least two weeks before the due date. Beyond the simple communication support, there will be an active participation in the different activities of one association or the other.

  •  Organization of activities and events

In order to get to know each other better and, above all, to have a greater impact with regard to their experiences, the two organizations will help each other in the organization of their various activities. To facilitate collaboration at this level, it will be necessary that one association or the other informs beforehand, in order to provide assistance. Afterward, there will be discussions to further define the action to be taken. 

  • Technical assistance in the construction of databases

Finally, the APIDCA association, enriched by its experience in the construction of databases, will assist the Muna Kalati association from a technical point of view, in its projects of construction of databases of children’s literature in Africa. It is about databases presenting the list of libraries and reading centers for children in Africa, list of publishing houses of African children literature, the list of children’s literature authors in each country of Africa, and the list of the research centers on the children’s literature in Africa.  This strategic intervention will allow us to extend our actions and contribute in our own way to the development of the children’s literature sector on the continent.

In view of the above, Muna Kalati and APIDCA will now be able to make their voice heard by a larger number of people. This will attract more attention and interaction on documentary information and on the promotion of children’s books in Africa. 

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