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Muna Kalati is a pan-African association working to promote video games and African children's books. The association federates a network of digital publishing actors, booksellers, publishers, illustrators, cartoonists and authors for youth in order to contribute to the visibility, legitimacy and accessibility of their work.

Indeed, there is a low representation of black and other minorities in the global children's publishing industry. There are more children's books about animals than books with black characters, which obviously affects cultural diversity and intercultural dialogue. Furthermore, many parents are not aware that there are thousands of children's books written or illustrated by Africans. Others do not know where to find them to buy.

Thus, through research-documentation, cultural animation and networking, Muna Kalati facilitates access to African children's books, disseminates news on African children's publishing and also advocates for the development of national policies on children's books in Africa. Training for teachers also helps to introduce books and reading pleasure into school practices and parents go through Muna Kalati to find appropriate African books for their children according to their themes and age.

There are several levels of collaboration with Muna Kalati:
  • As an institution, you can become a partner in the joint organisation of mutually beneficial events in the field of books, reading or video games: fairs, festivals, forums, conferences, colloquia, advocacy etc.
  • As an author, bookseller, publisher, librarian or children's illustrator, you can benefit from an interview to increase the international visibility of your work. You can also participate in our monthly online conferences MK Talks.As a publisher of children's and young people's books (under 21), we can help promote your children's catalogue and young authors to increase your sales. We also do book reviews.As a parent wanting to find African books for your children or young people, Muna Kalati has relevant reading notes and analysis to guide you.En tant que lecteur, vous pouvez rejoindre notre communauté de lecteur critique pour produire des comptes rendus de lecture de livres jeunesse africains.
  • As a student, teacher or researcher, you can publish your analyses of children's and young people's literature or video games in our monthly magazine MK Agora. The texts should contain practical recommendations.
  • We also support scholars working on African children's and young people's literature through advice, and access to a rich digital documentation and network of actors.
For more information, email or WhatsApp: +233550157572 or +39 379 149 0224

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