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« I’m the Colour of Honey » teaches self-love, acceptance and how to celebrate one’s differences through

I’m the Colour of Honey is a story by Maïmouna Jallow, a storyteller and media consultant based in Nairobi, Kenya. She is the co-founder of Positively African, an arts and media company, and the curator of Re-Imagined Series—a project aimed at adapting folktales and novels for contemporary audiences.

Muna Kalati

9 in 10 Children in Africa Can’t Read — These Organisations Are Working to Change That

The low literacy rate in Africa can be attributed to a few things: lack of adequate teacher training and overall investment in training, where teachers teach what they were taught as children rather than keeping up with the evolution of education, access to tools and reading resources for children as a result of poverty, and poor school literacy programs and curriculum planning. 

There are, however, organizations and creative initiatives that have taken the future of Africa’s children into their own hands. These spaces have prioritised children’s education in literacy and are empowering little ones across the continent with books. 

These are just five of the organisations that are teaching Africa’s children to read, and how you can help them.