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« I’m the Colour of Honey » teaches self-love, acceptance and how to celebrate one’s differences through

I’m the Colour of Honey is a story by Maïmouna Jallow, a storyteller and media consultant based in Nairobi, Kenya. She is the co-founder of Positively African, an arts and media company, and the curator of Re-Imagined Series—a project aimed at adapting folktales and novels for contemporary audiences.

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The representation of people of color in children’s picture books

But in thinking about the books that I read while growing up and the books that I’ve researched, I keep asking myself:
where are all the African children’s literature writers? Why aren’t there more books being produced? Have we, as African writers, moved away from this pride and responsibility of rearing conscious, confident, and self-aware African children?

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I’m creating books in which children’s real-life experiences were the focus – Meshack Asare

Ghanian children’s book writer Meshack Asare discusses his mission to cover the rich regional diversities of Ghana and the continent as a whole. He also describe how he helped to raise the quality of writing, illustrating and publishing for children and young people in Africa, often as a trainer in workshops, writing reviews, empanelling competitions and presenting papers at institutions and conferences.