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    « Encourager la soif de savoir des enfants » – Kathy Knowles

    Quelle meilleure manière de célébrer la Journée mondiale de l’alphabétisation que de porter le regard sur la vie de Kathy Knowles, une dame illustre et inspirante qui a tant contribué à l’alphabétisation au Ghana ? Grâce à la création de bibliothèques et à la formation de bibliothécaires en herbe, elle a allumé le phare de

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    ‘My Books: A Mirror To African Children And A Window To Our Culture’ – Ruby Yayra Goka

    The month of October is dubbed, Breast Cancer Awareness month and since breast cancer can also affect young adults, Muna Kalati sought for an interview with Dr. Ruby Yayra Goka. Ruby Yayra Goka is a bestselling author of children’s and young adult literature. She also wrote Disfigured, a novel which provides clear and concise illumination

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    “Showcase the kindness and generosity of children” – Anguah A. Abbey

    Muna Kalati had the opportunity to interview up and coming children’s books writer, Anguah A. Abbey who writes under the pseudonym, ‘Anguah Sarpong’. Read on to hear Anguah Abbey’s perspective on issues within the children’s literature industry. Muna Kalati: Tell us about your background and how you became a publisher? What role did your parents/family

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    “Create A Better Reading Culture In Africa” – Nahida Esmail

    Muna Kalati: Please tell us about yourself.  Could you give us an overview of your career? Why did you become interested in the world of children’s books? Is it a choice or a stroke of fate? Nahida Esmail: I completed my high school in Dar es Salam and then went on to complete my higher

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    Nurture Children’s Thirst For Knowledge” –  Kathy Knowles

    What better way to celebrate the passing of World Literacy Day than to take a glimpse into the life of Kathy Knowles, an illustrious and inspiring lady who has contributed so much towards literacy in Ghana? Through the setting up of libraries and training of aspiring librarians, she has lighted the beacon of literacy in

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