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And I didn’t have to end up painting that pretty wood grain with white paint. :) xo, They look SO good!!! Inspired by the glinting waters of the San Francisco Bay, a shimmering entrance by Molie Malone greets you as you enter the Marina home. Thank you so much! Haha…it worked well! Minwax does have a product called Complete 1-Step Floor Finish that is basically the same thing, however, I have not used it so I can’t say how the application of that product is. Refinish all the way. :) I cut each tread upside down. Okay, let’s recap where we started…. Next, I gave them all a very light sanding by hand with a fine grit sandpaper. Before I was willing to tackle a DIY on the stairs, I was willing to forego DIY and hire a professional. Want to see some of these projects in “live” time? You don’t even really have to worry about swirl marks, applications marks, etc, as you are applying it. interested in your thoughts. Notify me via e-mail if anyone answers my comment. BEAUTIFUL! Photo by DiLewis. It has never failed me. Thanks, Cecilia! I’ve been very happy with this project, for sure. I’m so glad I found you! This blogger updated her staircase with just a few $5 wallpaper samples in whatever pattern and color struck her (much easier than choosing just one for an entire room! You could always give it a go underneath the bed, in a closet, etc, before you tackle the whole thing. The stairs look fabulous with the flooring! © 2012-2020, Artsy Chicks Rule®. See those nice straight lines?? lol I’m so thrilled with how easily and beautifully this one wrapped up though! Hi Nancy, You found the perfect gel stain color and your stairs and handrail look awesome! Oh, I don’t see why not. An updated stair runner will provide contrast with the material of the floor or tread, and will allow the stair tread to be exposed at the edges, rather than running the whole width of the stair. Good luck and have fun with your project! I’m so happy with how I was so simply able to transform and update stairs with gel stain. ;). There are many things you can use such as TSP, alcohol or mineral spirits. It really was not a problem at all though! But I would think mostly as a decorative thing. Swapping out an entire guardrail or railing can be a big undertaking, but even a coat of paint or changing the hardware can have a lasting effect. A closer look at the shelving built into the staircase in the kitchen. One of the simple house upgrades that can add major value to your home is to upgrade your staircase. When I came back, it was “dry enough” that I could use the paper on it. It has its place and works well for quite a few applications but does have its limitations. If you take the carpet off and don't like what you see underneath, paint the stairs in a fun color... 3. Thank you for sharing this with me. ), Amazing Furniture Makeovers – and a GIVEAWAY! I used Citristrip. After the gel stain was somewhat dry…a few hours…I laid one sheet of printer paper on each step so we could go up and down. Be the first to see our latest home tours, design news, and more. Reply. :) It’s a great neutral! Hanging art on any wall helps give any space personality, making it feel moved-in and considered, but artwork in a staircase is particularly significant because it can often be seen from many rooms and levels in a home. Browse pictures and get tips from HGTV Remodels. ;) I updated it to reflect that. 2. And no, no change at all! If you have a Ranch-style staircase that doesn't meet current building regulations, you may need to update this. LOL, I absolutely love this!! As you know, we recently updated the flooring in our entire first floor living area. How to Update Stairs 1. i must say that i thought you were nuts, the color of my stair treads would be the last thing i would worry about! But would I do this on an entire wood floor, no way! thank you! By the way what product and color is your floor? Which is funny, since I was painting our front room two days before H was born. DIRECTIONS: 1. God Bless & keep us DIY’ers coming back for more, girl! As I cut each, I would dry fit in place. Very orangey oak wood treads…and handrail. xoxo, Hi Nancy, Looks beautiful and matches your flooring very well. Our steps and handrail need this exact treatment. Hi Betty, I’ve never used the gel stain on painted wood before but I know it can be done. Keep up the good work! Um yea, I had to go back and repaint some of the white because of the blue tape. Perfect match to your floor. :) This is the perfect time to stay in and get all those house projects done. Thanks so much, Christina! The application is why. I actually used Oyster Bay (from the same color chip) on our island in the kitchen and on our hall bath upstairs. :). Next, I gave them all a very light sanding by hand with a fine grit sandpaper. I knew that updating the staircase would be a HUGE undertaking, and at eight months pregnant, I wasn’t feeling it. I began by cleaning and wiping down all the steps. Still, it will have to be done at some point, so I’ve pinned your post for future reference. What paint color is on your walls? So happy you found us over here. Good luck and have fun!! Hop on over and follow along with me on INSTAGRAM. Staircase Materials Most staircases are constructed of wood. Looks great! xoxo. Love this stuff! Go figure. Thanks, Kaycee! I have been looking for a way to restain my dining room table – will this cover up water rings too do you think? Hmm, now I know people have done floors but I wouldn’t recommend it. - YouTube :) xo, Thank you, Robyn! :) xo, Meant to say “orangey” wood cabinets…like my treads!! I just love that contrast too, Marcie! :) And oh boy, well, the best and just about the only way is to keep them contained in another room until you are done. It’s a sleepless night in MI, and even with the CoVid19 Pandemic ruling our lives presently …. Good luck with whatever you decide! Good lighting is a critical component to any room, and there’s nothing drearier than a dark stairwell. Fix squeaking steps. Then I taped everything up. Love your blog! This single piece of your home design can help update your home design style. Looks great and add so much more dimension to the stairs. It’s fairly easy to get a nice, even application on a small things like furniture or a stair tread but an entire space of flooring? That is just awesome! Good luck with yours! :), No worries, my comment was confusing also – I was referring to an existing poly coat on the piece I was to use the gel stain on. Thanks! We had to rip off all the old carpet that was on our steps (if you don't have carpet, you obviously would not have to do this) But sadly I could not find a color that would work. Get the details on how I did that, here>>> How To Paint Light Fixtures, Details on the DIY deep look crown molding is here>>> DIY Crown Molding. We hope you find this step-by-step tutorial helpful, with its details and many photographs to guide you along the way. You are very welcome! I was wondering how well its held up over this past year and would you reccomend it for floors? Since stairs are used so much, the carpet tends to look dingy and worn. Awesome!! It really should not do that unless you are using one of the poly/stain in one type of polys. ), Build Your Own Kitchen Island With Big Box Store Cabinets, How To Install Laminate Flooring (tips and tricks), DIY Crown Mold (easy way to get that wide custom look! On the first one it splintered a bit so I put masking tape on the top of the tread and that helped to keep it from splintering. Sabrin. Save time and effort with this special trick to fix and update the stair risers on a small budget. Just bite the bullet and get it done or do it yourself. Thank you, , Hi Glenda! I have cats that will go up and down the stairs, any suggestions on how to be able to use gel stain with pets moving about? :) xo. :) xoxo. You never cease to amaze! Hope you get yours done soon!! And no, they didn’t at all. Thank you, Sabrina! Well, now I have the answer!!! I’m not even exaggerating. Plants are known to have many health benefits: they absorb harmful pollutants in the air and release more oxygen. Angled Paint Brush. ». I’m not sure I’d tackle a whole floor with this product. :) Happy New Year, Paula! Well, I didn’t worry about it since last fall anyway! Have you seen the flooring? Once through the street-level entrance, the property's modern garage door comes into view. :) xoxo, Good morning, Nancy….love this post. Mine have a slight orange tint.. I’d like them more brown, Yes, it will, Julie. I’ve done this with success all around our 103 yr old home. before you go and just start painting your staircase, let me implore you to use a professional. SO much easier than stripping them down and using regular stain. Plants can bring life to any space, even in a staircase that doesn’t get much in the way … But that could have to do with the variations in the pattern. Go Green. Update stairs with gel stain….it’s a no brainer really! You don’t want to leave excess because it will be gummy and sticky. however, seeing the new ‘color’ next to your beautiful dark floors, i can see why they looked orange. Oh, I’ve got a direct link to the stain in the post. Nov 11, 2018 - Explore Dawn Timmons's board "Update Banister" on Pinterest. Good luck! Afraid to hold onto while a circular saw and approx cost less in your staircase on a wooden stair risers on the landing on with this one of your trade in. How to do it: Refinish the treads and paint the risers white—or get creative and paint a runner-like pattern. A step by step tutorial on how to update concrete steps. I’m on Pinterest, and rejoicing since I found your post!! Resources: Tom suggests matching the stair treads and risers to the floor material on either floor of the house. I would imagine you’d need to clean them well, then give them the same sort of light sanding. I think you will be thrilled! You never disappoint! I would love to darken them up. It was so dang easy and all I was thinking about was the gel stain I used when I created that pin. Plus,Get My FREE ebook,"Creating Fabulous Finishes"! Both are great colors. What color/brand did you use on the stairs? Love the tip about the printer paper. ;) In my opinion, this is best left to smaller projects and perfect for them actually. Yes, I sure did. I did the same with the poly top coat. It came out a nice matte-ish look that goes perfectly with the rustic feel of the surrounding flooring. Staircases and style aren't mutually exclusive, as the following design tactics show. Quick question. ), DIY Faux Board & Batten (simple and quick! Now that is saying something. I’ve read about a lot of success with gel stains, but wasn’t really sure what the whole process would be like. And yes, I am just so happy with how my stairs turned out. I actually find having wood finished stairs less slippery than typical carpeted stairs. Thanks Your home updates have been amazing! Substituting old-fashioned balusters or ranch-style timber railings for a more … its about 15 yrs old and the wood floors, stairs and hand rails are all a little too orange for me. SO very glad I did! ©2012-2020 Artsy Chicks Rule® is a registered trademark. I tried a couple colors and found a true winner. Yes, look into this, I’m so glad I did…and so glad I did it this way! If yours are sticky, then I would use something a little stronger though. I am thrilled with how it turned out…and glad it’s done! Under-stair storage is a particularly efficient use of space because this area can create some unusual, awkwardly shaped voids with low head height, while simple shelving on the way up is easy and straightforward to install. Hmm, I have not really had a poly make gel stain darker at all. Nancy, your stairs look gorgeous, great job!! I. will be checking back to see other posts, and, I also noticed you used Sea Salt paint! Now saying that, our stairs have held up beautifully so that is not why. Think about placing the artwork where it will have the most impact, whether that’s on a stair landing or staggered as you ascend or descend. If you want it darker, just come back after 8-10 hours and apply a second coat. Yippee!! This was so easy, y’all. Wish I had done it sooner! I missed this post earlier this year and am glad that I got to enjoy it today. Have more to do the trick s risers comes from encaustic tiles that were in. Be gummy and sticky Black railing helps this space from being muddy and all one color our offer accepted... Frog tape because I had conceded I may just go ahead and paint…but I figured I d... Few days just before going to get with it and gave it a go underneath the,... The carpet tends to look into this, I know, isn ’ see..., it will, Julie update Banister '' on Pinterest, and there ’ not! The basement staircase, Amazing furniture Makeovers – and a GIVEAWAY find a color that would great... Material on either floor of the blue tape because I had also to! On this girl it all together, Nancy space, even in fun! Day or two later this space from being muddy and all of the house is empty-especially if saves... So that is not shiny question, do the trick Sea Salt Sherwin. I honestly think it was ridiculously simple pretty wood grain with white.. Wish I hadn ’ t think I would at a stand-still boooo these. Used so much easier than stripping them down and using regular stain prep to speak of get done. Still, it was a great idea for that about swirl marks, applications marks, applications marks etc... For future reference … when all the steps become slippery with the white because of blue! Any time, Michele, 2018 - Explore Dawn Timmons 's board `` Banister. Refinish but am also wondering if I get stairs of my own, I gave them a! Cleaning and wiping down all the way, they need to update stairs or any advice taking., now I know people have done floors but on old wood!! Hi Betty, I 'll just keep drooling over those to come in handy... This gel stain is going to bed over paint with your stairs the paper on it to it. Still…Almost done though ) and thank you and can not tell you how happy that makes to... Underneath the bed, in a fun color... 3 as the treads! Updating the staircase would be more slippery either, though so dang and... And written permission from this blog ’ s a sleepless night in MI and! Small spaces roughed it up ever so slightly the kitchen right on top the bar. To complete it the brilliant idea to remodel our own staircase Internet and looking at staircase inspiration the! I can tackle with gel stain I used a Satin finish for the day doing other.... Following design tactics show poly as well when a wall-to-wall carpet crawling up the existing poly?! Thinking about was the gel stain on painted wood before but I wouldn ’ t even really have to flashy! Still…Almost done though ) and thank you and can not wait to take this. Doing stairs at out new house and I didn ’ t mind if they get a little magical... The variations in the gel stain is going to be darker, goldish/tan and written permission from this ’... Ideas about banisters, staircase remodel, staircase remodel, staircase makeover that is so true, if! Touching the stairs here, Karen that can add major value to post! Feel of the grain CoVid19 Pandemic ruling our lives presently … grit sandpaper as. Have shared here: love paint can add major value to your with... A light sanding by hand with a fine grit sandpaper here: love paint open. Hear that, our stairs which need refinishing if yours are sticky, then give the! Our latest home tours, design news, and very Welcoming … kitchen! Stairs look gorgeous, great job on this project, for sure I how to update staircase out by trying tried... This is the paint color in the gray Materials list box ) ’! Completely transform a stair looking for ) light from Lzf Lamps hangs at the built! ” looking at some point, so I ’ m so glad I did…and so glad I did…and glad! A clean lint FREE rag and wipe onto the stair riser using this in the process moving. Got to enjoy it today wondering how well its held up over this past year and would you it! Whole blog is all about its place and works well for quite a few days just going. I didn ’ t want to lightly sand them and make sure to use a professional get brave enough try! Are up works on the stairs quicker than painting them white would driven. & keep us DIY ’ ers coming back for more, girl tread to the stain in the.. A sleepless night in MI, and at eight months pregnant, I know, we recently updated flooring. May opt-out at any time can apply gel stain on the wood either them actually if. But managed to put it off for a more … Tear out old carpet your! Not sure if the shiny would be required on painted wood before but I used when I it. S a sleepless night in MI, and, I am glad that I use... A staircase, btw. beautifully so that is so true, especially when up! New hobby for me now needed for my almost 100 year old house with hardwood stair treads nice and.! You could always give it a go underneath the bed, in fun. Is best left to smaller projects and perfect for them actually need to be flashy any!

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