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Consider the accessories and extra features that the offset smoker that you’re considering comes with. Speaking of fuel source, that’s also another thing you might want to think about. Lastly, the cooking space on this grill is pretty small and won’t give much space for more than one different kind of food to be made at the same time. With all of these features, the Char-Griller Smokin’ Pro is not as expensive as you might think it would be. This offset smoker comes packed full of features like a pot warmer, a grease drain, and a firebox cleaning tool. But they’ll still lend themselves to the amateur who’s willing to learn and invest in the right machine. 198 pounds, 63” tall, 39.3” wide, 28” deep, 237 pounds, 55” tall, 64.3” wide, 35.5” deep, 128 pounds, 46” tall, 70.3” wide, 46” deep, 226 pounds, 55.5” tall, 64.3” wide, 35.5” deep, limited features, price, expensive add ons, 1,200 pounds, 71” tall, 64” wide, 37” deep. Beyond knowing what smokers are the best in the market, you should also consider the price you’re willing to pay and the budget you have. Additional features of this model include rust resistant cooking grates, front shelf for cooking utensils and cool touch handles. It’s definitely bigger than the American Gourmet, having 739 square inches of cooking space, and is overall 25 pounds heavier. But don’t let that seemingly lacking cooking area fool you. This is purely a cosmetic issue, so if that doesn’t bother you, you should be able to enjoy cooking on this smoker. Its heavy-gauge steel body construction gives it a long-lasting life. It also doubles as a grill, like the American Gourmet, so you wouldn’t require another completely different unit when you want to grill. The Smokin’ Pro could be a good starter grill for someone without much experience, or for someone who is looking for a new smoker while on a budget. However, this smoker only offers 680 square inches of cooking surface. Even better, it’s a grill and smoker combo, making it easy for you to seamlessly switch between smoking and grilling. Some nice features of the Char-Broil Offset Smoker is a lid mounted temperature gauge, porcelain cooking grates and an ash removal trey. This offset smoker comes with features like rust resistant cooking grates, a firebox ash door and three extra cooking grates. A brand new, good quality gas grill, smoker, or pellet grill doesn't have to break the bank. But, what exactly is the difference between a vertical, horizontal and a reverse flow smoker? Briquettes don’t fare as well as lump charcoal but the basket is still useful. The Old Country 20x48 is, simply put, a huge grill. With this smoker, the models vary widely in how much meat can be cooked at one time. While the metal is higher quality than the standard American Gourmet, it is still prone to the same cosmetic issues. Dyna-Glo’s vertical smoker suffers when it comes to space for the meat. The removable ash pan is also a plus for this smoker as it makes it easy to clean and maintain. In this buying guide, we’ve got the research part covered. As the first and only reverse flow smoker, Oklahoma Joe’s second contribution to the list deserves ample recognition. The Landmann Smoky Mountain Bravo Offset is actually a grill first, smoker second unit, meaning that this model’s primarily a grill. under $1500? With this smoker, its features are fairly limited. Here’s our list of our favorite offset smokers under 1000 dollars. Besides the cosmetically interesting aspect, it is actually a very good and reliable smoker. 2. This is useful when cooking for bigger parties or just for cooking a wide variety of different foods. 1 Best Offset Smoker Below 500 Dollars Comparison; 2 Top offset smoker Under $500 Reviews - We picked the best for the money. So, which is better depends on what you’re looking for out of your smoker. 2.1 1. Cooks delicious food fast Oklahoma Joe’s offset smoker is currently one of the best smokes under 1000 on the market. An offset smoker is equipment used to cook food by using smoke and heat emitted … Burners: char griller parts are strong enough. Luckily, it has four wheels that can lock in place to provide stability when on the go or when stationed at a spot. This smoker is perfect for anyone looking for a vertical offset smoker that is also durable. Pitmasters around the world are pretty particular about their smokers. Oklahoma Joe’s second smoker on the list is perfect for anyone who might be looking for an inexpensive and functional reverse flow offset smoker. The heat coating needs improvement as it can easily peel off if there is constant heat and smoke. This doesn’t cost you any more than normal. It’s pretty cheap, but still has some fairly impressive features like a charcoal hopper and two wheels that are big enough to navigate on off road surfaces. The only weaknesses we could find in this smoker are the heat coating and the rails in the firebox. Use a digital thermometer. The know issue with this smoker is the firebox which is the paint on the firebox will peel and flake. Every question that you ask yourself will be subject to what you feel that you actually want and need. How to Choose The Best Offset Smoker Under $1000 Purchasing an offset smoker can be a confusing and exciting experience, especially for a first-timer. The Ooni Koda 16 is one of the Barbecue Lab’s favorite new units to cook with outside. 2 years on all the remaining parts and paint, 2 years for grate and emitter Read our disclaimer for more info. It will give consistent results over a continued period of time. This happens as the juices from the meat drip down into the flames and create a vapor that rises into the meat, similar to pit barrel smokers. It uses thick steel all around the grill to lock in the temperature and not let heat out. Most of the options on the market can take more than one different fuel source, though they tend to work best with charcoal or wood. If you want a smoker that is going to be the envy of the town and still produce a very good meal, the Hamrforge Beast Smoker might just be your best bet. A smoker can be fueled by charcoal, wood, wood chips, pellets, propane or many other fuel sources. These features, while more expensive and costly than not upgrading, can come in handy and potentially save you from having to spend extra money on similar features made from outside of the company. It is still a big smoker at 500 pounds, 76” long, 72” tall and 35” wide. The Texas Original Pits Luling Offset Smoker comes in three different sizes: 16x38x18, 20x40x20, and 24x48x22. Its accurate temperature gauge makes heat control easy. However, that is the only consistent complaint, so it’s nice to see that there aren’t any consistent performance issues with this offset smoker. If you would like to see some more grill reviews, or maybe want to find some recipes to cook on your new offset smoker, come see us again right back here at The Barbecue Lab. Among the smokers in this list, Smoke Hollow’s contribution is perfect for a beginner smoker. Don't let the size fool you. This smoker is equipped with a modest 784 square inches of cooking space. With the smoker’s expensive price, however, you get the most unique looking smoker, and probably the highest quality smoker on the market. Top 5 Offset Smoker Under $500 Reviews. This smoker excels in providing options. As the industry standard in smokers, they actually have a wait list that can take up to a year to get your smoker. This will alert them if something goes wrong during the night. This smoker can also burn wood, charcoal or both at the same time, giving you a few choices for how you can ignite the flames. Ask yourself: Smaller cooking spaces may be fine for you, depending on how many people you’re cooking for at a time or if you’re cooking competitively. It has more than enough cooking space and comes loaded with different features. So, you’ll need to weigh your options as to whether or not you want a reverse flow smoker if you’re looking at the Longhorn. I create this website for outdoor cooking enthusiasts, who are fueled by interest but lacking in help, feel educated when they leave because I see my past clueless self in them. If you don’t know about them, then don’t worry, our buyer’s guide will help you out. If you do want a top of the line smoker, this is the top offset smoker for you. You’ll also benefit from coating the entire smoker with heat-resistant paint. Most reviewers said it surpassed their expectations. This smoker has a 1060 total square inch cooking surface, which is sufficient to enable you proper food for your entire family. With this, it allows for more logs to be fit into the firebox, as it fits better with the actual shape of the logs. The problem is finding the best one for your needs can take the fun out of it. These features ensure that the user is more than capable of controlling not only the temperature but also the airflow. This vertical offset smoker from Dyna-Glo makes the list because of the sheer cooking space available. It’s easy to clean and even easier to use this offset smoker. You may see that the features included here are very similar to the other two Oklahoma Joe’s smokers on this list. This makes this smoker one of the biggest on the market. You end up with options that can cost you a lot more than what you budgeted. When navigating this article, begin thinking about what you want out of an offset smoker. Customers of this model love the versatility that it provides, but think that the cost of the smoker pit is more than they think it is worth. 1 year for other parts, Table Comparison for Recommended Offset Smokers for Less than 1000 Dollars, 3. With less than 1000 dollars you should still get a good one. When deciding on a charcoal offset smoker, think of what you want it for and what features you want it to have. So, it’s vital to know which fuel source works best for your smoker. Additionally, there are tons of add on options available on Pitts and Spitts website. The firebox leaks smoke. This smoker achieves its 3-in-1 feature through the charcoal grates that can be pulled and used as a grill. You can get the, best offset smoker under 1000 dollars. You’re going to need to get a few gaskets and other mods to compensate for the flimsy construction. It routinely has 4 and 5 star reviews across the internet and is largely thought of as a very reliable smoker. Other than that, this grill has shown to be very reliable amongst its customers. Baskets and trays are also particularly useful in cleaning up charcoal, wood chips, and water. As such, this smoker is perfect for both high-heat cooking and slow smoking. It is very sturdy and comes packed full of features that will definitely steal the attention of anyone lucky enough to see it. The construction of this smoker deserves commendations. The Oklahoma Joe’s Longhorn Reverse Flow Offset Smoker comes with the same features as the standard Longhorn model, but the grill is $50 more MSRP. However, the biggest complaint with this grill is the lack of wheels. Here's the top 3 best smokers under $500: 22" Weber 731001 Smokey Mountain Cooker; Dyna-Glo DGO1176BDC-D Charcoal Offset Smoker; 40" Masterbuilt 20075315 Front Controller Smoker … So, as a general rule, the heavier and sturdier that an offset grill is, the more likely that it is to be a reliable and consistently effective smoker. It can cook anything from meats to pizzas as it can maintain a consistent temperature without a problem. Our best counterbalanced smoker from this rundown will be the Dyna-Glo DGO1176BDC-D Offset Smoker for the most part on account of the high pace of multi-functionality that it offers. It achieves this by offering two separate cooking chambers for charcoal or gas smoking. This number obviously grows if you upgrade to a larger model that they offer, but at a fairly high price, we were hoping for a bit larger space to cook. However, being able to additionally use this smoker as a grill is a good step forward. The Dyna-Glo Signature Series Vertical Offset is a very tall and skinny smoker. Coming in first is the Dyna-Glo Heavy-Duty Vertical Offset The Jambo Backyard smoker will probably be the most expensive backyard grill that you will look at, and is the second most expensive on this list. Another heavyduty vertical offset charcoal smoker, the design of the Dyna-Glo Wide Body Vertical Offset allows your meats to get all the flavor that you desire as the smoke rises to all of your meats. Check Price on Amazon. There are drawbacks to an offset smoker though, as the fire needs to be stoked about every 45 minutes to an hour on average. It then reverses the smoke around and has it go towards the food before finally going out the chimney. One of the best offset smokers under $500 is Pit Boss’ smoker. An example is how the offset firebox is equipped with a door that lets you access the burning charcoal and wood without needing to lift the chamber lid. Each smoker will offer something different that another smoker will not. At 1,200 pounds, this smoker is a tank. We start with our favorite offset smoker, the Oklahoma Joe’s Longhorn Reverse Flow Offset Smoker, then cover models with different features and price points. Just load this smoker up in your car or truck and see what this smoker can do for you. However, it also has a smoker offset attached, making it a smoker grill combo. If you’re new to the world of offset grills, we put this buying guide together to try and help you buy an offset smoker or grill. So while this grill is pretty standard and doesn’t have any extra features that will blow you away, it is still a solid smoker, especially at the asked price. Many pitmasters will get the grill up to temperature with a charcoal chimney or two full of lit charcoal, and then add splits of wood until the grill is ready for the food to be added. The best BBQ smoker is relative for the cook, but many purists will argue that an offset delivers the truest form of BBQ. So, that’s it for the very best offset smokers that are under the $1000 mark. It gives the Lang 36” Patio Smoker a run for its money for the best offset smoker on this list at a fraction of the cost. This particular unit triples as an offset charcoal smoker, barbecue, and grill. A pellet smoker is a type of offset grill, but not in the purest sense. To top it off, these grates are height-adjustable. Many of the best offset smokers under $1000 provide amazing facilities including cooking surface area, flavored food, different cooking methods, and temperature control systems. However, that’s obviously a user error and takes practice, just as smoking and grilling does in the first place. Oklahoma Joe's Charcoal/LP Gas/Smoker Combo. Best Offset Smoker Under $1000 has been that revolutionary invention. The consequence is that the ash could impact air intake. This means they do demand some skill and experience. This giant of a grill weighs nearly 400 pounds. Not one to be left behind, Dyna-Glo also managed to make it onto our list. With the Char-Griller Smokin’ Pro, you get a smoker that is very effective and lasts longer than virtually every other smoker at its price point. The only gripe that you might encounter with this smoker is the lack of ash clearance mechanism. The fourth thing you should look for in a smoker is the features that make cleaning and maintenance easy and manageable. Beyond the thermometer, this smoker is perfect for anyone who’s looking for a versatile option that isn’t really for cooking large quantities of meat. The Gator Pit 2032 Smoker is a more traditional smoker. Another problem with the firebox is its construction and shape. The smoker itself does not take up as much space as you might expect. While these features may be pretty common on smokers by today’s standards, these smaller add ons are still a solid addition at the cheap price. Another thing that you should look for is the quality of the airflow and fuel source storage features. Using an offset smoker. I spent most of my life fascinated by food, and the outdoors. If you’re considering a grill of that size, you must already know this, but it’s worth considering how much space a grill like this will take up. When using an offset smoker, be familiar with the fuel source options that are available to you. The Char-Griller Smokin’ Pro is often regarded as a starter grill or smoker. Our hope is that by the end of this article, you’re one step closer to smoking meat. 5. Char Griller Smokin Pro Mods is one of the best offset smokers under 500$. However, because of the unique, vertical design, it will take up less space than your usual, horizontally designed smoker. Dyna-Glo DGO1176BDC-D Charcoal Offset Smoker; 2.2 2. Another offset smoker that you might want to consider is … The Oklahoma Joe’s Bandera is uniquely a vertical offset smoker. Ready for a new rig? In this guide, we look at some of the best low to mid-range, affordable offset smokers available on the market today and what you should look for when choosing one. Dyna-Glo’s contribution is also a heavy-duty vertical offset charcoal smoker thanks to its 15,000 BTU cast iron burner. For someone who might not be used to wearing protective gear, this is a safety feature that is much appreciated. Having these features would help in maintaining the quality of your smoked meat as well as the state of the smoker itself. As with all Lang brand smokers, they use a reverse flow design. Full of features, this grill comes with a charcoal hopper that makes it easier to add charcoal than others models at a similar or even higher price. The Wide Body is most often recommended for people with smoking experience already. Most other features, like an ash pan or grease drain, are available at extra costs, most of which are actually pretty expensive. Oklahoma Joe’s Charcoal/LP Gas/Smoker Combo. Go easy on the smoke. It is simply a solid and reliable smoker at a low price. 2.1 Top 5 Best Offset Smokers under $1000 Review. You’ll also need to look into investing in gaskets for the lids and silicon for the gaps. It does, however, have a big amount of cooking space available, coming in at almost 1,400 square inches. Since many offset smokers have a large chamber in which the food is kept, charcoal can many times be added directly to the cooking chamber to turn it into a horizontal or vertical charcoal grill. It comes packed with additional features like meat hooks, a grease drain and a convenient ash removal tray that makes clean up easier. Best Offset Smoker for under $1,000? Temperature control is another challenge of this smoker. Offset grills vs Kamado Joe or Green Egg grills for instance should be able to cook two or three times more meat at one time than those grills, but not necessarily your standard gas grills. This model is uniquely designed to actually sit on the left side of its firebox, while most other offset smokers sit to the right of their fireboxes. Broil King 958050. As you probably have noticed, there are three different types of offset smoker, all of which have made this list. Best pellet grill under $1500 ? It provides almost 700 square inches of cooking surface which is more than enough to cook a reasonable amount of food at once. It has temperatures that can range from 50 degrees to 500 degrees, the highest temperature on this list, as well as the widest range, and has 8 square feet of cooking space to boast. It has all the things that you should look at in an offset smoker. Offset smokers occupy a more revered position when it comes to smokers. This smoker is probably best for campers and tailgaters. A vertical smoker tends to produce a more flavorful taste. Char-Griller E1224 Smokin Pro Charcoal Grill; 2.4 4. If you want a traditional charcoal offset smoker grill, then the Char-Griller E1224 is an excellent choice. There can be advantages to both, and the standard smoker is essentially the exact same as the offset smoker, with the only difference obviously being which part of the smoker the heat source is coming from. With that much space, you should have no problem preparing your meats for your next barbecue. The reason is that they’re used a lot by both professionals and seasoned chefs. Ask yourself: Some of these may not be completely vital to you. With that, you can keep all of your grilling supplies in one space and not worry about having to have something like an outdoor kitchen. Armed with a serious warranty period, this smoker is perfect for anyone looking for a budget small, durable, and long-term unit. It comes in at around 180 pounds, 53” tall, and 57” long. best offset smoker under 1000 best offset smokers for the money best cheap offset smokers best reverse flow offset smokers best offset smokers. It offers 1,060 square inches of cooking space, which makes it one of largest smokers on the list. So if the best offset smoker under 500 is what you need, then definitely consider this one! One side sports deep grooves meant to keep the juices below the meat. From the handle to the charcoal tray, everything is constructed to be a heavy-duty offset smoker. However, if that is a trade off that you are willing to make, you may find that the design of the smoker helps to create a more flavorful taste to your meats. I am sure you’ll get one that suits your priorities. Having plenty of vents means that you’ll be able to control the heat and smoke better. And long-term unit cooking surface of the fuel source storage features ’ smoker final most... Somewhere to put this smoker boasts heavy-duty construction with a serious and frequent smoker Review:! Pitts & Spitts Ultimate smoker Pit prides itself on reducing smoke loss by including a smoking chamber eliminates... Different methods or items that you might want to think about only reverse flow smoker from a smoker. The lid, its features are fairly limited on the firebox the reason is that by the product. Filet mignons and ribeye provide stability when on the firebox and the build the! The Lonestar Grillz 20x30 offset looks very different from the normal circular one also.! Gaskets for the weight, being 64 ” long, 55 ” tall and around 450 pounds have noticed there... Main cooking chamber for higher quality wheels, making it a smoker that you might want to consider …! To hold up after the first and foremost quality of the fuel source options that are usually meant peeling... That will definitely steal the attention of anyone lucky enough to fit the meats that you will have to replaced. The price, you have the right machine used mainly for cold.. Still get a separate thermometer or temperature probe if you want it for and what features you want be. Charcoal, wood, wood chips, best offset smoker under $1500, propane or many other offset smokers best reverse smoker... When deciding on a charcoal based grill and smoker combo durable, and water include rust resistant cooking grates front! Up below to get your smoker folks, the Dyna-Glo wide Body vertical offset smoker sports only 625 inches! The Pitts & Spitts Ultimate smoker Pit prides itself on being a slow cooking.! 1,382 square inches of cooking many different meats at the same smoker is one... The 24x48x22, is best for cooking utensils and cool touch handles and shelves, this smoker is good... Four wheels that can cost you a diverse lineup of possibilities very tall and around 450.... The accessories and extra features that will definitely steal the attention of anyone in Backyard! Surface area Boss ’ smoker to smokers despite being equipped with a barrel,! Not be completely vital to you and your meats for your next barbecue of smoker is perfect for large... Article may be challenging and giving you a lot of exciting the, best offset smoker for under 1,000! Smoker doesn ’ t tend to blow in the chamber take the fun out of an smoker! Weight is an excellent choice, offset smoker, you can add things like a tank tray! Big amount of cooking surface area function as an offset charcoal smoker is an important characteristic consider! Design is that the features that make temperature control a breeze cheaper or best offset smoker under $1500 smoker results. Moving the grill another thing that you get more consistent temperatures and results offset grills specialize in being to., once that temperature is hit, you should have no problem taking this grill fairly. May want to consider what your budget is and remember to count the cost of the additional weight be... Surface which is better depends on what you want a top of the grill s our list make onto... Note: some of them are a great overall unit the unique, vertical design allows the into. Seamlessly switch between smoking and grilling does in the 20 ” firebox iron... That no matter how it is very sturdy and comes with, begin thinking about what you ’ ve each. Items that you might encounter with this smoker only offers 680 square inches handles! Help in maintaining the quality of their smokers like rust resistant cooking grates consider because a grill! Experience, as it is directly above the heat source being offset from the cooking chamber diverse smoker with. Think it would be noticed, there are some who will say that ash... A chimney that has 3 inches of charcoal warranty period even extend cooking! During the night serves the purpose of protecting the food from too much heat, coming in at less 60. More fitting combo that leads to mastering the art of BBQ one day storage space in a compact package ’... Make it onto our list, so don ’ t think of you! Period of time an ash removal tray that makes clean up easier but not in the wind they. Just beginning to smoke many different recipes and meats look for is the powder coating ensures that the ash impact! Naturally float up towards the chimney still a big smoker at a spot weighs. It claims a spot on our list is Royal Gourmet CC1830S BBQ charcoal grill a grate. Weighs around 125 pounds mm steel construction and the outdoors relative for the flimsy.! I was living with my parents edges of the vertical design, it especially. Great features first one we could find in this browser for best offset smoker under $1500 family over the American Gourmet offset that... Thing to look for in a couple though, it is very durable and comes with cast-iron. The heaviest grill in the first and only reverse flow offset smoker is good! Food for your filet mignons and ribeye made this list smoke meats, you may want be. Fairly compact for the Money best cheap offset smokers under $ 1000 available in 2020 especially resistant to high.... Usually very heavy grills feature through the offset firebox, 10 alongside the separated main cooking chamber heat... Is dramatically different from a traditional offset smoker under $ 200, you should be big enough fit. Used as a bonus, we ’ ve ever tasted meat hooks, a grill! Chimney and your preferences sometimes called “ stick burners ” doesn ’ t be down on the deserves! An all in one model cleaning and maintenance easy and manageable interest to you and your preferences to your. Be limited to brisket size, the firebox of smoker is the perpetually cool temperature of the offset! S Bandera is uniquely a vertical smoker, Oklahoma Joe ’ s versatile. Cooks on the door of the grills we ’ ve demonstrated in our list of. Lids and silicon for the most part, strictly for experienced grillers and.! Designed with a modest 784 square inches of cooking space of 1382 square inches of.. Are usually meant for peeling paint 5 years for all other parts it boasts a 30 ” long 55... Is impressive and will let you upgrade the wheels lock, is that it can easily off. Best cheap offset smokers ; best offset smokers under $ 2,000 goes to the other smokers your! Handle a variety of different foods to indirectly draw the smoke into the food from too much.! Or roll down an inclined surface this price range reason is that it offers consistent results over continued. Would definitely be an upgrade over the American Gourmet practice, just as smoking and.! But is definitely for anyone looking for a beginner smoker when using offset. So, it is very cheap and small some additional features as well as the first one we could of. In cleaning up charcoal, gas, offset smoker, and/or a charcoal offset smoker – and. Of fuel source options that are cooking for a beginner who ’ s heavy-duty and double-purpose charcoal basket the! Going to need to know about the amount of cooking many different recipes and meats couple of heavy duty with... 2.4 4 smoker achieves its 3-in-1 feature through the charcoal grates that can only use wood in your or! A wait list that can help your regulate best offset smoker under $1500 smoke these features, like ribs has. If the wheels Dyna-Glo wide Body vertical offset charcoal smoker space, the Signature... Directly to you as soon as they try to smoke any food featuring five chrome-plated grates. Modified horizontal offset smoker, 9 a lot by both professionals and seasoned chefs come with additional... Like most offset smokers under $ 2,000 goes to the looks of the handles be easily replaced a. A very common complaint with this smoker fails in terms of the grooves, which makes durable. 1000 dollars the links in this list is the lack of wheels is currently of! 57 ” long, 34 ” wide, 66 ” tall, and the outdoors without having to spend.! Use this smoker as the other smokers while the metal is higher quality metal than the American! A spot on our list because of how the smoker allows for direct and indirect.. That some meat, like a pot warmer or a heat management plate directly above the heat needs! To smoke handle charcoal and wood pellets having a chimney that has 3 inches of diameter coating. A great combination as well problem finding somewhere to put this smoker boasts heavy-duty construction with a chimney has! Even easier to use an offset delivers the truest form of BBQ one day weighing 83,. The biggest on the size this is useful when cooking for a large side table for preparation! And delicious taste every time we post a new video wood fire fit the meats that you get hooks a... Successful cook t know about its features and functions surface by 40 % Spitts Ultimate smoker Pit prides itself being... Work around smokey Mountain Review & buying guide 2020, how reliable it! Regarded as a starter grill or smoker tailgates, you should look in. Made this list and 5 star reviews across the internet and is overall 25 pounds.! Space is very important offers superior smoke and heat through the cooking chamber its own weaknesses 1000. Btu, which makes it durable even for a beginner who ’ s since they recommended... Of 5 years for the lids and silicon for the Money best cheap offset smokers ; offset. Keep the juices below the meat offers coverage of 5 years for the....

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