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lineage 2, lineage 2 revolution, lineage 2 mobile, lineage 2, netmarble, Revolution, Netmarble, Unreal Engine4, Lineage, MMORPG, Mobile, New games, … 10/29 New Server Open! Get LineageOS for the LG G2 Mini For each race basic characteristics and skills are different. [[1]] 1 Best Classes in Lineage 2 Revolution 1.1 Humans 1.2 Elf 1.3 Dark Elf 1.4 Dwarf 2 Optimal Weapon Types for Classes in Lineage 2 Revolution 3 Class Specialties in Lineage 2 Revolution 4 Gallery The best is Elder Broadly speaking, there are certain weapon types that generally do better for each specific class. Se tem algum conhecimento sobre o tema, por favor, verifique e melhore a coerência e o rigor deste artigo. "target=_blank>

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