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When a small horse property in your neighborhood comes on the market, time with a calculator indicates you can afford it--while keeping your "day job," of course--with income from a couple of boarders. Hobby Farms: Boarding Horses on Your Hobby Farm, Equine Legal Solutions: Running a Boarding Business -- What You Need to Know, Horse Canada: A Labour of Love, Not Money, Running a Boarding Barn. To prevent injuries, make sure these dangers aren"t lurking in or near your barn. In fact, after falling in love with one spectacular Morgan mare and then finding a second, we're contemplating another "dream" project. Outbuildings were in various stages of disrepair. Riding stables may offer lessons using facility-owned horses or those owned by clients. It also means you will end up with less stall waste to deal with. It's normal to defer to the needs of those who are actually paying you for the use of the barn and the ring. "Self-care" is the least expensive option for the boarder and the least amount of work for you. Like marriages, some boarding arrangements seem made in heaven, while other, well, may have developed elsewhere. Find a sterling hay source ahead of time. If a horse owner has been boarding more than one horse for any length of time, they begin to see that they could own acreage and keep their horse for what they are spending. (Chances are, your rates will still be lower than those of big barns offering comparable amenities.). Coufal Prater – Navasota 9819 Hwy 6 North Navasota, TX (979) 825-6576. If you run a boarding business, you must calculate more than the price of hay, grain and bedding per horse plus a fixed stall or paddock rental fee to determine your boarding costs. Adjacent to the arena is a boarding barn equipped with individual stalls, feed and tack storage, and wash racks. I also have a strong, horse-loving partner willing (and able) to repair anything from a leaking well hydrant to a sagging stall door. When you operate a boarding business, you're dealing with two entities -- the owner and the horse. Make big repairs before the boarders arrive. We still have the little horse farm, but we're no longer boarding. For stables offering horse training or riding lessons, boarding is often a loss leader; the real money is in these other fees. Equine stable owners oversee all the operations associated with horse care, feeding and boarding. This article first appeared in the May 2006 issue of Practical Horseman magazine. Boarding a horse may seem like an expensive way to keep a horse, but compared to the purchase and upkeep of a property suitable for horses, it may be a little less expensive. The cash flow from a full barn can be useful for your startup, and (maybe even more significant) prospective boarders may be eager to move in. The job may entail noisy power tools, temporarily limited access for boarders to certain areas, or other inconveniences. As a prospective horse owner, one of the first decisions that must be made is where to house the horse. Even your domestic partner, lured by the possibility you'll spend more time at home instead of constantly leaving for the barn, gets behind the idea. Photo credit Walberg There are many different levels of horse boarding, from small private facilities, to large commercial operations facilitating many trainers and events. There's no such thing as a perfect horse, but you must decide what you can and cannot deal with in a boarding situation. And it means you'll have less carbon in your compost, so the material will compost bet, Dream versus reality: what one horseowner--and former boarder--learned from starting a boarding barn and testing the adage, "To get it done right, do it yourself. "Full board," the most expensive option for a boarder, means that you supply hay, feed and bedding and do most of the basic work, including stall mucking. A private farm dedicated to the enjoyment of owning, showing, and riding our horses - we currently own and breed our Friesians, Arabians, and Quality… Trails We travel various places for pleasure trail riding - we enjoy our recreation time on the trails and enjoy sharing with others. Many regular homeowner policies can be adapted for coverage if you keep a couple of horses for your own private use, but everything changes the moment commercial activity enters the picture. The house in which we would live--almost an afterthought amid all the horse concerns--was okay. Before Horse Nation I was managing my own boarding barn and running a lesson program, and I was the worst about underselling myself. Horse Boarding, Covered Arena and Country living We are a full care horse boarding facility located in Bryan, Texas - just down the road from Texas A&M University. … I was forever cutting my students and boarders deals. A boarding stable that provides good care, but limited facilities, is unable to charge as much as neighboring barns with arenas, jumps, lights, trails, etc. We asked. Palomine , Lolamae , GhostwindAppaloosa and 2 others like this. Started. Good hay, and plenty of it, is essential to equine contentment. If you have stalls or paddocks on your farm and want to make some extra money, opening a horse boarding stable is one way to do it. Every trip you don't need to plan to pick up feed or bedding gives you more time for riding (or for making repairs). Equine Legal Solutions’ horse boarding stable agreement package includes liability releases. An overscheduled day leaves no time to muck out and sweep first thing in the morning in your own personal barn? User; Horses . Pasture Boarding. The five-stall barn needed serious upgrading. For guidelines on how to choose a boarding facility that fits your horse's needs, see "Find the Best Boarding Barn" in the November 2007 issue. This will be the perfect small barn where horses, yours and others', finally get the loving care you've wanted for them. Some things we learned: The sense of responsibility for others' horses is overwhelming. Starting Point Here's what I brought to the project. Even a small boarding operation will probably require a policy that is tailored for commercial farm purposes and includes hefty liability protection. Boarding options for client horses are usually also offered. Something always needs fixing on a farm. The result may be an uncomfortable rush to cram work into time slots, such as first thing Sunday morning, when no one is around. Set It Up for Success If you have your own dream of the perfect small boarding barn, here are some tips that, although they won't solve every problem, will smooth the way. The latter covers injuries to the horse -- not those caused by the animal -- while it's in your care. That's why I decided to undertake it several years ago. If you have horses of your own, you know how much it costs to keep them. ", © 2020 by Cruz Bay Publishing, Inc., an Active Interest Media company. Second: Value and Size of the Real Estate. Realistically, small boarding operators should expect that taking in boarders allows them to keep their own horses at no cost, or provides the income equivalent to a part-time job. A horse is a horse, of course, but a happy and healthy horse requires tender love and care in the form of food, water, shelter, space to roam and more. Factor in utilities, repair costs, insurance and the wages you must pay employees. If the barn and parking area are close to the house, you will be aware of boarders' comings and goings--and, unless your home has aggressive window treatments, you may sometimes feel you're living in a fishbowl. Your homeowner's insurance won't cover damages incurred by your business, no matter how small. There's an old saying in the horse world: "You can make a small fortune with horses, if you start out with a large fortune." For better long-term customer relations, figure board charges on a basis that seems to give you a generous margin at the outset--you're less likely to have to raise board after a few months because you initially under-estimated some factors. Some facilities may offer reduced rates if you feed and clean your own horse’s stall. When you've decided on your barn rules, post them in a visible place and give all boarders a copy. Want to board horses for others? Less horse bedding use means cleaning horse stalls will be easier and quicker (since you won’t have to hunt around for manure in mounds of shavings). If you board horses, even one or two, you'll need equine liability insurance. Whenever I re-tell the story of our foray into the horse biz, I compare it to marriage or parenting: However well prepared you think you are, it's an experience you can't completely know about until you do it. You will provide a stall for the boarded horse, but you won’t provide all of the daily care. It's bad enough if your own horse lames himself with a wrong step in the paddock--we all know horses are self-destructive--but if it happens to a boarder's horse, you always feel you should've been able to prevent it. With congenial boarders, you'll ensure companionship for your horse and create the community that gives good boarding barns a social edge over private stables. A busy Saturday of schooling and lessons may end with your realization that you never got your own ride in. When a horse is pasture boarded, … In addition to reporting for a major newspaper chain, she has been published in "Horse News," "Suburban Classic," "Hoof Beats," "Equine Journal" and other publications. caseymyhorserocks. And fences and pasture have to … Tack and Feed Stores. The dream builds from there. The experience didn't go quite as scripted, as I'll explain, but hey--little in life does. If you have horses of your own, you know how much it costs to keep them. Tractor Supply – Navasota 9320 Hwy 6 Navasota, TX (936) 825-7758. For some people, the only way they can keep a horse is to board it at a stable. Your horse's welfare is important. Owning a horse boarding facility like Facowee Farms has been a life long dream of mine. (It's also tempting to believe you can offer quality care plus a personal touch at significantly less than big commercial barns in the area!) The per-claim limit of your care, custody and control insurance should be sufficient to cover the most expensive horse in your barn, and the aggregate limit … Many boarding facilities have indoor riding arenas to provide boarders a place to … I had further knowledge gleaned from the myriad equine experts I've been privileged to interview and write about. As a first-time small boarding-barn operator, it's easy to underestimate the value of the time and labor you'll contribute to the business when you calculate the costs side of the ledger. Ask for references from veterinarians, trainers and farriers. The profit margin for boarding is slim, and it's a big, 24/7 responsibility. Designing your new horse facilities? Most of all, my goal is to provide the utmost care … Review the facility you own to determine if it is adequate for the horse farm business you have in mind. (Chances are, whatever she says, the boarder concurs.). She has a Bachelor of Arts in English from New York University and an Associate of Arts from the American Academy of Dramatics Arts, New York City. Get supplies delivered when possible. Here are some hints for stable owners. Basic horse care covers a lot of ground, but many horse lovers begin their lifelong journey with grooming. You've tried hard, with limited success, to find a boarding situation that meets his needs (and yours), and a couple of your riding buddies face the same challenges. Hopefully it will give you the right questions to ask, so you find a barn where you and your horse are happy. They both need to be a good fit. When calculating your estimated feed concentrate (not sweet feed) costs, assumed that each horse will receive about 4 lbs daily. Just as in purchasing or owning any real estate, the #1 rule is … BigGirlsRideWarmbloods is offline Horse Haven Peach Creek Hunter’s Creek Flying Ace On the Bit Farm. Extra room at your barn? It doesn't take long to make a thorough assessment of your risk and to take action that will save lives. You probably know that the initial cost of purchasing a horse won’t hold a candle to the long-term cost of ownership. You may be the last one to get to use the facilities. In addition to the standard safety regulations, tailor the rules to your own needs. The dream of sustaining your own horse operation with personalized, small-scale boarding is widespread because it makes such outward sense: It's a win-win situation for you, and for other owners who share your standards. Freeman Arena is a 200 by 350 foot, a covered arena which has been devoted to equine teaching, Extension programs, horse shows, rodeos, cutting contests, and many other activities as a part of the 65-acre Equestrian Center. The interactions of boarders and stable owners comprise one of the most vital relationships in the horse business. (More about horse feeding regimens here.) Beginners are usually better off at facilities offering training and lessons. Screen potential boarders for their level of equine expertise. I'd cared for three or four horses years before, in cooperation with a neighbor whose barn I shared. Boarding facilities can vary from pasture only board to full-service stall boarding with the daily turn-out for exercise. Using less bedding for your horse stall in your barn will save you time and money. Some facilities also offer transportation for the horses to shows and other competitive events. But if you opt for self care at a boarding facility, you may end up paying only $100 a month. If the horse might share a paddock with other equines, you must know if he plays well with others. If you run a boarding business, you must calculate more than the price of hay, grain and bedding per horse plus a fixed stall or paddock rental fee to determine your boarding costs. Many individuals have the ability to provide housing for their horse on their property. Depending on your layout and your comfort level, privacy may be an issue. Within weeks of signing the mortgage, we were in business. Both group and private lessons usually are offered in either 60-minute or 30-minute formats. One of the biggest limiters is the size and location of your property. We already had a couple of boarders eager to bring their horses; what were we waiting for? Make sure you weigh the benefits of owning a barn vs boarding your horse before you decide to buy. Like boarding your cat or … If we find out, you'll be the first to know. Not only do the higher rates cover the expenses associated with those … It's also a good idea to create a limited liability company for your boarding business to protect other assets in case of a lawsuit. Many local feed stores will deliver large orders within a certain radius for no extra charge. My current home-office-based, full-time job meant someone would be on the premises almost 24/7. If you plan on doing the work yourself, factor in the costs of your own time. So while you may be able to find a rescue pony for just a couple hundred dollars, don’t let that fool you into making a purchase.Responses to a horse-ownership survey from the University of Maine found that the average annual cost of horse ownership is $3,876 per horse, while the median cost is $2,419. Jane Meggitt has been a writer for more than 20 years. For instance, consider stipulating certain times when the barn and/or arena are not available for boarders' use; this could be certain hours or could be an "off" day each week (for obvious reasons, not on the weekend). The property we chose for this enterprise was, we knew, a work in progress. Factor in utilities, repair costs, insurance and the wages you must pay employees. There is a tremendous amount of satisfaction when it all finally comes together. 3. In addition to liability insurance, you'll require care, custody and control insurance for boarded horses. Boarding a horse at a facility with full care can cost around $200-$500 a month, depending on the market in your area. Risa Roe owns Laughing Horse, a 10-acre, 20-horse boarding facility and horse motel in Meridian, Idaho. Boarding Facilities. Make sure you look at boarding facilities that are no more than 30 minutes away from your home, if possible. Although we have to turn them away, it's become a nice way to meet additional members of the local horse-owning community. You may do some of it for the owner, but they will be primarily responsible for meeting their own horse’s needs. A boarder can talk to current and former boarders to get a feel for the facility to see if it will meet their needs and provide an environment in which they and their horse will fit in well. That puts the a… (979) 422-0256 Visit Website. Set reasonable limits up front. Facilities for boarding, breeding or training horses are costly. Two of the friends who boarded here subsequently found ways to keep their horses at home. Before you can say "manure fork," you've sold your purely residential property and bought the farm. Reality Checks Fast forward a few years. Find the right tools that will help keep your barn and horse stall clean, neat and odor-free. Some hay growers also have the necessary equipment for delivery in bulk. We offer on-site living accomodations, lessons, arena rental, and the best care available for your horse. Facilities that offer conveniences such as heated wash stalls, bathrooms, heated viewing areas, indoor arenas, etc., are in a position to command higher rates. Majestic, powerful and sleek animals, a horse is an uplifting experience for an owner but it is a constant responsibility. Hay doesn't usually provide all the nutrients a horse needs, and most boaters want their boarding facility to include some kind of feed concentrate in their feed regimen. 4M Horse Training, located in … 4M Horse Training Bryan, TX 77808. But a boarder stopping in for a midday ride may be dismayed to find her horse's stall dirty--even if it will be clean before dinnertime. The boarder simply rents a stall or paddock, but provides all of the feed and bedding and takes care of his own horses. I am thrilled to have this opportunity to be able to share my knowledge and expertise, along with my love for horses to my boarders. Cooperative Boarding or Exchange Labor With horse care costs rising and incomes sinking, many horse owners and boarding facilities are looking for ways to reduce costs. If you plan to board horses, for instance, you must have enough empty stalls available. The cost of insurance may surprise you. These days, the discussion about horse boarding is just as important, but the handshake has been replaced by a horse boarding contract. The cost of boarding your horse can vary greatly. ELS offers a downloadable horse boarding contract and forms package that includes a boarding application that asks about other facilities where the potential boarder has kept their horse. In addition to insurance, have an attorney familiar with equines draw up a boarding agreement that all boarders must sign. If you compost, you'll end up with a nicer compost product that will be more useful for your horse pastures. Cooperative boarding or exchange labor may be the answer for small- to medium-sized boarding businesses. Commercial activity includes--but is not limited to--keeping others' horses for compensation of any kind (including bartered barn work as well as cash), lessons or clinics. And every day I walk into my barn, I absolutely love it. The Next Chapter Because we're located on a busy road and the place is obviously a horse farm, would-be boarders still knock on our door from time to time. As a result I kept finding myself in the hole, month after month. It's much easier to have policies in place from the beginning than to start changing rules in response to problems that crop up. With congenial boarders, you'll ensure companionship for your horse and create the community that gives good boarding barns a social edge over private stables. That's the very time that boarders are most likely to want to ride, or at least to hang out at the barn, groom their horses and socialize. Even your domestic partner, lured by the possibility you'll spend more time at home instead of constantly leaving for the barn, gets behind the idea. Do people stay onsite at night? Check out these tips from Dr. Christine Skelly on what to look for while planning, building, and managing your facilties. No problem; do it before evening bring-in (and skip the sweeping today if you need to). Here are some tips on how to board horses successfully. If you own farm property, consider riding out the economic storm by opening your barn to boarders. We ourselves have acquired a couple of additional equines (funny how that happens when you have an empty stall). Filling a unique niche—Cassie Schuster runs Wellness Ranch, a small, family-oriented boarding facility in south Texas that offers a wholesome, non-toxic environment for horses who are in recovery from injury, are in retirement, or come to “just be a horse.” Whether your hay source is a local grower or a distant provider, you need dependable quality and dependable supply before the first horse arrives. Here’s a horse boarding facility checklist I put together when I was searching for a home for my horse. I'm reasonably fit, energetic and organized; a work history ranging from motherhood and retail management to equine journalism has equipped me for multi-tasking. My hard-won wisdom may help if you dream of creating your own perfect small boarding barn; if you don't, it may ease your communication, as a boarder, with your horse's caregiver. It's a small place, so no problem doing the work; you figure you can clean three or four stalls in the time you now spend driving back and forth to your current boarding barn. First, decide what you want your facility to be called (such as “My Horse Barn”). A good time for repairs and maintenance is hard to find. Keeping your horse's stall tidy is paramount to your horse's health. Tweet LinkBack: Thread Tools: post #1 of 2 Old 11-12-2011, 08:38 PM Thread Starter. Conversely, one load of bad hay (coarse, unpalatable, weedy, dusty or moldy)--often the result of being forced to buy hay in a pinch--can trigger a cascade of problems in your barn, including the onset of respiratory illnesses. The annual premium will vary with your location and the policy details, but it will easily go into four figures.

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