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I am not really sure the English name for Capsicum.But I call it as kura mirappa (it makes sense to me) , i would like to know what do we called mullangi in english. I want to know all vegetable names in English and in english to kannada can i plz know how to get ur reciepies,,, i love to cook new dishes, so can u please help me …, madhoo mujhe plz golgappe ka pani banana sikha do aur sath mai golgappe i mean pani puri but plz hindi mai, Anapakaya available in Chittoor, tamilnadu and Karnataka is called Hyacinth bean. wat do we cal ‘dondakaya’ in english? Buy Coconut (1Pc) Online at Best Prices. leeks Thankyou all for your wonderful comments. mustard green I was wondering what was the for (telugu) Vaakaya ( which tastes like cranberry but whch is more green outside and atinge of red on the skin) tastes sour. Hi , plz help mi, haiiiiiiiiii i really thanks to this blog for hv a such chance to share our ideas with other, i need the name of chukkakoora,chaamagadda,aratidhoota. 2 cups cooked, peeled and roughly chopped taro root / chama gadda 1 tbsp. please reply, Unwalu , Ulavallu, they are in black or redish like Wheat. I WANT TO KNOW BITTER LEAF NAME IN TELUGU. anapakaya-dolichos bean Tomato is called Tomato in all the places, But in certain regions of Andhra (krishna, Guntur) it is called as. Thanks. seema chintakaya-madras torn Hi Lalitha, Hope that helps. GR Square complex, Kurnool, Kurnool, Andhrapradesh, 518002. Regarding readers posts what I opine is kindly separate them and transfer them to a blog may call it posts . gokarkay or goru chikudu is called cluster beans. Can u send me the list of all indian vegetables list in kannada, And send me some of the recepies also in Kannada PleaseI will be waiting for your reaply. In some areas we see Dry red beans which people call them as Yerra beans. i dont know if u have eaten this dal that Nagrajuna makes with palak in it. split chick peas / chana dal 1 tsp. Please give me answers in English Name & Scientifc name, Spices PLEASE SEND ME ABOVE VEGETABLES IN ENGLISH TO HINDI FORMAT. The first is indeed the Dioscorea species mentioned by the first responder, which are native to Africa and Asia. budamkaya-yellow cucumber Please answer. May God bless you to born next time in Africa. can you tell me what we will call arbi in english, Hi, hi madhuri can u plz give me hindi names of all green leafy vegetables ? arbi fry- chama gadda vepudu - colocasia root fry This is dish , one can say vegetarian mutton,having more calaroies than potato 100 grams of root provides 112 calaories,rich in fiber.taro root is my all time favorite,may be you too like once tastes this recipe Gummadikaya is called Ash gourd in English.The one we hang in front of houses. #, hi english name for aratikaya is raw banana, ARITIKAYA ASA FAR AS I KNOW IS CALLED plantain, what is spirulina in telugu I want to know about that, • Spirulina is high in protein and it helps protect the body’s immune system as well as lowering cholesterol and helping to stabilize blood sugar levels. Quality: My kids wishes to have table with list of Indian vegetables and fruits with brief information on each, What are the english names for sonti ,gagikaya japatti.dalcina chekka,and karakkaya. Get Discount on Indian Vegetables, Vegetables with Free Home Delivery from Green Leaf Stores in Miyapur, hyderabad, Telangana, India. Thank you all of you for visiting my site and for your valuable suggestions. Almonds are called badam pappulu/palukulu, Apricots are khubbani (though it is not telugu word, most of people habituate to use this word.). No minapappu means black gram Chansaur/Chandrasura in hindi Green beans are called as Anamulu Hi….. Jaaji kaaya ==> Nut meg Can anyone tell me what is vagkaya (the small oval shaped- green sour vegetable -size about an inch) called in English. iam not sure on this but i have an idea…it’s a herb extract supplement,hair loss.It’s a treatment………..but can u say the vegetable “gokarikaya” translatoin in english??……. Quality: which when boiled in water gives sweet and good taste. Human translations with examples: gadda, uttam chama, is in no way be, mujhe chama karna. Temples. chikkaku to name a few. Broad Beans are called as Chikkudu Kaaya lettuce English Telugu Hindi; All Purpose Flour: Maida Pindi: Maida: Almonds: Badam Pappu: Badam: Ambat chukka: Chukka Koora: Chuka: Amarnath Leaves/Chinese Spinach: Thotakoora While we cook it most often as Kanda Koora or Kanda Bachali Koora, my personal favourite is Kanda Vepudu or Crisp Yam Fry. Scientific identification: Abelmoschus esculentus Local name & other common names: benda kaya, Okra/Lady Finger (English) Reference: Anonymous, Last Update: 2019-11-15 why u wan’t all algae names!! By Cody Copeland / Sept. 4, 2020 1:47 pm EST "Wait a minute, this sounds like rock and/or roll," says Reverend Lovejoy on the episode of The Simpsons where Bart switches out the hymnals with copies of "In the Garden of Eden" by I. Ron Butterfly. There are two kinds of vegetable which are called “yams”. Can anyone please tell what is the English name for Chukka kura of Telugu. any body tell telugu pulses and spices in english, please tell telugu pulses and spices in english, what do we call sage leaves(Salvia officinalis) in telugu please tell me, what do we call sage leaves(Salvia officinalis) in telugu ? I found this in google and good to see. Fry for a while and add the chopped Arbi/arvi pieces and salt. I add it instead of potatoes in my lamb curry. Reference: Anonymous, Last Update: 2013-10-17 Hi Folks, Vegetables mentioned below are good for Heart. While we cook it most often as Kanda Koora or Kanda Bachali Koora, my personal favourite is Kanda Vepudu or Crisp Yam Fry. You can eat Cranberries but it is difficult to eat Carissa carandas as a raw fruit. Having a look ahead to look you. Veeramachineni Ramakrishan – VRK’’s Solid Diet Plan Solid diet plan — Single/Two meal diet Plan One Meal Diet : Whatever solid food you take ( veg or non-veg) should be consumed ONLY once in a day.. You cannot take 12.30 PM curry, 2 PM Badam/Almonds, 4 PM Pista and 7 PM Usage Frequency: 1 hi this is umesh i want all vegitable and flowers names in telugu to english could you tell me how can i get, hi my name is dany , Chama gadda - Taro root Chilagada dumpa - Sweet potato Chintachiguru - Fresh, tender tamarind leaves Chukka koora - Sour leafy greens (Carrot, Cauliflower, Cabbage (called kosugadda in Rayalaseema) with no regional names) Chutneys / Pickles / Podis: Chintakaaya pachadi - Raw tamarind Pickle Chintapandu pachadi - Tamarind chutney Anyone know what I’m talking about? Suresh. Kottimira is called cilantro leaves Anapakaaya is nothing but sorakaaya. Cabbage – Cabbage But today we treat them as dialects. Bachala is a different one. i mean to ask are these names accepted universally ? Rick Stein talks about his love of Indian cooking – | Corner Recipes, Vegetarian Recipes In Tamil Language | Kuplux's, Names And Pictures Of Fruits And Vegetables In Hindi | All Documents, Indian Vegetables High In Fiber | All Documents, All Kinds Of Vegetables Pictures And Names | All Documents, Vegetables Of India Pictures | All Documents, Different Types Of Vegetables Names And Pictures | All Documents, Vegetables Names In Telugu To English | All Documents, Root Vegetables Names In English | All Documents, Indian Vegetables With Photos | All Documents, Vegetables Names Bengali To English | All Documents, Vegetables Names With Pictures In English And Telugu | All Documents, Vegetables Names In English From Telugu | All Documents, Vegetables Photos And Names | All Documents, All Vegetables Names In English And Urdu With Pictures | All Documents, Vegetables Names English To Bengali | All Documents, Vegetables Names In Telugu | All Documents, Green Leafy Vegetables Names In English To Telugu | All Documents, Traditional Vegetables Of India | All Documents, Vegetable Names And Pictures In English And Urdu | All Documents, Vegetables Names From English To Tamil | All Documents, List Vegetables Names Tamil English | All Documents, Vegetables Names With Pictures English To Kannada | All Documents, Vegetable Names Pictures Urdu | All Documents, Vegetable Names Dictionary | All Documents, Vegetables Recipes In Marathi | All Documents, Vegetables Name And Meaning | All Documents, Vegetable Names In English And Urdu Pdf | All Documents, Vegetables Names In Tamil And English With Pictures In Pdf | All Documents, Name Vegetables Grow Underground | All Documents, All Vegetables Name Chart | All Documents, What Are Dandelion Greens Called In Hindi | Windranger3,, Potato 65(Potatoes cooked in yoghurt sauce), Chikkudukaya pickle(Indian Broad beans pickle), Glossary of Indian Spices in Indian Languages. u rock.. can u trnslate the following veg &fruit i (malayalam)n to english. Quality: hi, Chamadumpa in hindi is … hi i want different kinds of beans with its pictures? Kale – Hi, Can you please put some picture that go with the name of the items. usirikaya-goose berry, seema vankaya-chayote Dude apricot is not neredu pandu. Yes, Lemon cucumber – thanks, I’ve learnt from you. Hello Khushboo, Chamagadda Pulusu recipe with step by step instructions.English Version. For now we need to call it with same name. Arbi is called as Colocasia in english. what is PATRA 9Gujrati) called in English. Colocasia / Taro root / Chama gadda Cucumber / Dosakaya (Both yellow and eating variety) Eggplants / Vankaya Elephant Yam / Kandagadda Green mango / Mamidikaya Ivy gourd / Tindora / Dondakaya Plantain /Aratikaya Yellow pumpkin / Manchi gummadi The below is the list of vegetables typically not used in the menu. Musli, Mace and Paramul, Could you please let me know the tanslation of Hindi vegetbales names in english, hai could u pls tell me what we call thotakura in hindi, haiiiiiiii…….thotakura in hindi (AMARANTH), hai can you tell me how to make vegetable mayonnaise at home, This is very informative. Adavi kakarakaya is called as spiny guard or Teasle guard, scientific name is Momordica dioica. names from different languages. Here in Detroit we are going to grow Diversity Garden that includes many of our vegetables (from February of next year). Thanks u r helping indirectly so many people. Thanku. I was searching for telugu from english vegetables from internet, i found urs .u have helped me a lot with ur transclations,thank u very much. I am putting them all together to share my interest in cooking. Scientific identification: Abelmoschus esculentus Local name & other common names: benda kaya, Okra/Lady Finger (English) Patode or Aluw wadi or aluchi paatal bhaji recipe . It is difficult to figure-out name for cranberry in Indian language, reason being is we never see this fruit in Indian geographical region. Apricot in Telugu: Khubani or Jardaloo. colacasia is a vegetables, how it used to make a curry? Fry until the onions become translucent. korralu and where do we find it in andhra pradesh? Usage Frequency: 1 sesame seeds in telugu we call it as “nuvvulu”, i just want dandelion name in telugu and also about that product, hi The translation for ‘Minapappu’ to English is ‘Black gram’. Andhra Style Chamadumpa Vepudu Recipe (Colocasia Stir Fry Recipe) is a quick stir fry of colocasia roots in other words called as Arbi roots. Hai…we are called as black english language. Vegetable names have acquired great importance since foreign vegetables are imported to every land and chefs need to cook them for tourists. I am sundeep. carrot hai in hindi!!! Switch off the flame and take the curry into a … Plz cross check and correct or add details appropriately!! Can anyone help me out?? urgent, For Complete Agriculture Information in India :, Please translate from telugu word tellagaljeru leafy vegetable in english, For Oats Cultivation Guide:, There is no name for cranberry in telugu but some people call it as Vaakkaya. I Have bought a vegetable which is in pink color & has stems(like raadish) to it….but i have not understood what is is & what & how to cook it is useful to all for know the english names of the vegetables……… nway thanq madhoori. Ingredients 500 gms arvi / taro root 4 tbsp of vegetable oil 1 green chilli chopped fine 1 onion 1" ginger 8 cloves of garlic. huh? if Genesu Gadda is Chilakada Dumpa (Because I use both names based on area where I am) then it is called Sweet potato. waiting for ur reply, If it is guumadikaaya then it is pumpkin (this is rarely used for dishti), if it is boodida gummadikaaya then it is ash gourd (generally in hindu culture people use this for dishti), Boodi Gummadikaaya is very healthy food, and it can beneficial in many deceases. Great job! celery Chetan. We're part of Translated, so if you ever need professional translation services, then go checkout our main site, Usage Frequency: 2, Usage Frequency: 1. what we call gangavayalu koora in English ? I am sure that she means the spice sage, called kamarkas in Hindi. Dalit COMMUNITY FOOD SYSTEM DATA TABLE # 13 Food category: Leafy vegetables Scientific identification: Acalypha malabarica Local name & other common names: pitta kura hi guys, i want to know English names for gilakara, vamu, saggubiyyam(telugu) items, Sago –>Saggu Biyyam my kid wants the information about some vegetables in hindi language. Reply. tell me what is that & what can i cook with it.. Temples. Madhuri, The recipes here, were collected by me. Reference: Anonymous, Last Update: 2020-05-27 Anyways’ it is called green amaranth or Amaranthus Pigweed and in hindi it is Chauli or Chavli, pls can u tell me what is Spirulina knowsn in hindi marathi and in gujarati if u know plsssssssssssss., also check i dont know telugu properly thats why i want names in hindi. i want to know what thatikaya is known in englishhh Any body give details for these…turnip vegetable name in telugu and sapota fruit called in english. I have no idea whether u make snack item with chema dumpa.Do let me know if you know one. hope i will get reply soon. Spinach is called palakura k &chukkakurA what is this chukka in English?????? 2. 7. Rayala sema gokarkay or goru chikudu is called Motikaya (cluster beans), Cauliflower is called Gobi puvvu and cabbage is called gobi gadda, can you say ,we call with bengali languge squash,what call in english, Lentils is the correct word for minnapappu, Minapappu is nothing but black gram or urad dal used for idli.dosas etc by south indians. But there are lot many beans in nature that can help our health , Round Beans are normal beans that we see in local vegetable market of Andhra Pradesh It is called chayote or chou chou in Tamil.Lots of recipes on the net. you know once i went to a shop in mozambique their language is Portuguese .. then i started explaining the vegetable how it looks what shape what color finally some how he understand and bought for me.. I’m allergic to any sort of cucumber but am able to consume squash freely. You may also like Quality: You have to peel it and the flesh is off-white. Reference: Anonymous, Last Update: 2020-05-15 What we call thummi akku kura in English? dantaku Prior to that Indian’s don’t know what the fruit is and in Telugu somebody might have given the name రామ ములక్కాయ. Mix well and cook for 2 to 3 mins. Usage Frequency: 1 Cranberry is called Vakaya in Telugu. When cut into half, the seeds are exposed. broccoli But kaala krameana telungu is changed to telugu as most of the letters in telugu script was been removed. hi… Required fields are marked *. Miinumulu Dalit COMMUNITY FOOD SYSTEM DATA TABLE # 73 Food category: Roots, Tubers and Vegetables. amudalu, & Last PUlses Senaga pappu is called Chana dal I need this vegtabeles name , Spices names, Fruits name to my mail id. please reply . please reply this many thanks in advance. Vennu Mallesh (born 1984) – Singer on the internet. erra kandi pappu is called Masoor Dal…. Quality: can u tel me what we cal in english al those kitchen items like aavalu.miriyalu………, Hi, Serves : 2 Preparation time : 30 mins Ingredients : Taro root / Chema dumpa : 2 large Chili powder : to taste Salt : to taste Oil : 3 tsp Method: From professional translators, enterprises, web pages and freely available translation repositories. very good information i’m searching this names to tell my childrens. can u pls tell me what is budume kayi called in English & telugu language?? menti kura —> fenugreek leaves Thanks. hi madhu… could u plz let me knw wt do v cal “Asparagus” in hindi…. read all posts patiently . Lettuce is not kothimeera.. Lettuce is leafy vegetable which tastes similar to cabbage. Chamagadda Pin Code is 533483, Get Postal code (Zip Code) of Chamagadda which is located in East Godavari, Zone, Andhra Pradesh in India thanks for giving such a useful information. Reference: Anonymous, Last Update: 2018-05-08 Manaki mandalikaalu chaala unnayi. Sonti ==> Dried ginger. cauliflower as kosu puvvu. chukka kura-indian sorrel/rumex Thanks in advance. Its a great collection yaaaaaaaaaar thanks to all, What is English name of POTOL(Bengali name of Vegitable), what is ‘tindoora’? plz tell me the telugu name for Maca (Lepidium Meyenii), also called “Peruvian Gingseng”. black gram / urad dal 1 stalk of curry leaves 1/8 tsp. Dr.P.Surya Bhagawan, not correct, it is blackgram as mentioned above. Moramoralu – Puffed Rice plz..answer for dis guyz…. Telungu ani mana script lo raayalante ara sunna use chesi telugu ani raayaali. In hindi it is called as Chandrasura/Chansaur, its gr8 yaar.u r educating the people,i learned more.thx. RaoM, All dal farming are @, it is refferd as urad dal, black gram, urad wash, Teulu\Hindi\English Fresh Beans are called as Pedda Chikkudu sir, velakayya-stone apple/wood apple Also imported baby foods like Gerber and other brands are available. what is watercress called in telugu?, Describe any one vegetable name which if we cut first alphabet from them then the word make any expensive things name. i want to know what is ponnaganti kura in english, hi, i want to know what chipuru in english. Usage Frequency: 1 its called beet root only nd in hindi also the same. kindly tell me a name of vegetable whose first character if removed it becomes a precious thing and if the last character is removed it becomes a name of sweet dish,if both the two characters are removed it becomes a name of girl. doesnt have any indian name, I think u meant Sago.It is also called Sabudana in Hindi.Try this. Sam. Thanks Reference: Anonymous, Last Update: 2015-07-16 If you upload images, I will make a info of your site at our website .. thanks. Hi, can u pls suggest me the exact meaning of Swiss chard….a leafy vegetable name in telugu, can i know what do we call “pulusu” in english, Can you say perfect English word for lingapotla kaya we call it as chara dosakaya it is not proton, Tell me the english names of Chikkudukaya and Goru Chikkudukaya. Can please translate the word chintakaya & chinthapandu in english waiting for ur reply bye. Most of them would be south indian, learnt from my mom , mil & my aunts and some are from cookery books I read, and some are from the television shows I watch. Fucking website!! verushengalu It is a berry no doubt. Human translations with examples: meku, boil, chama, sulli, lipoma, shovel, migraine, sorakaya, colocasia. Turiya Patra or Alu Vadi (Taro Leaves and Ridge Gourd Curry) ... Kachalu pickle is called a taro pickle in english. You’re incredible! kandulu hi are these names published for vegetables above, some scientific names or can v find them in any dictionary ?

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