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How producing children books in local african languages accelerates the decolonizing process – Elinor Sisulu

Sisulu says the best marketing for a book is other people’s opinions, and thus the foundation’s website is a review hub and search engine for children’s books in South Africa’s 11 languages. On the site are a range of picture books, fables and tales, poetry, rhymes and riddles as well as educational books (fiction and nonfiction). Puku also stages a number of events such as the Puku Story Competition and the Story Festival.

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Ibrahim Njoya, first comic book author in Africa and Cameroon.

Johanes Yerima was one of the most important artists of the Bamun kingdom, both under Sultan Njoya (1892-1933) and his son Seydou (1933-1992). The very first African “comic book” dates from 1932, produced by Yohanes Yerima, whom a critic considers to be the “true first Cameroonian and African comic book author in history” . To better understand its contribution, we place you in the historical context in which it has evolved.

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The representation of people of color in children’s picture books

But in thinking about the books that I read while growing up and the books that I’ve researched, I keep asking myself:
where are all the African children’s literature writers? Why aren’t there more books being produced? Have we, as African writers, moved away from this pride and responsibility of rearing conscious, confident, and self-aware African children?