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Ibrahim Njoya, first comic book author in Africa and Cameroon.

Johanes Yerima was one of the most important artists of the Bamun kingdom, both under Sultan Njoya (1892-1933) and his son Seydou (1933-1992). The very first African « comic book » dates from 1932, produced by Yohanes Yerima, whom a critic considers to be the « true first Cameroonian and African comic book author in history » . To better understand its contribution, we place you in the historical context in which it has evolved.

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I’m creating books in which children’s real-life experiences were the focus – Meshack Asare

Ghanian children’s book writer Meshack Asare discusses his mission to cover the rich regional diversities of Ghana and the continent as a whole. He also describe how he helped to raise the quality of writing, illustrating and publishing for children and young people in Africa, often as a trainer in workshops, writing reviews, empanelling competitions and presenting papers at institutions and conferences.